"The first lap went exactly according to plan. The goggles were tight over my eyes. I felt smooth and strong as I prepared to execute my perfect flip turn, the big, black cross at the end of the pool an ideal target for my feet to push off.

"Only when I got close to the thick, perpendicular lines, it was nothing like my pre-race visualization. It was a horror show."

After Richard Tomlin's new swim goggles transport him to Atlantis, the 12-year-old is thrust into a war to save the Lost City and the planet.





Available in paperback, hardcover, and for all eBook readers!

Endorsed by top competitive swimming organizations: USA/Metropolitan Swimming, 

and YMCA Northeast Swimming.

The pace of Trident is THUNDEROUS and exciting. I lost count of the plot twists and every one of them was surprising and inevitable. 

Tami Lewis Brown, author of The Map of Me, and Soar, Elinor!

Terrific writing! Trident has a Harry Potter good-for-all-ages feel. Even adults will be entertained.

Terrence Dunn, author of Out Beyond the Verrazano